Coalition to Phase Out Corporate Tax Giveaways

A national, bipartisan campaign by state legislators

Creating an agreement among states to phase out corporate tax giveaways and implement best practices in economic development

Starting with an end to poaching businesses from other member states

Filed in 15 states this year so far; passed the Utah House last year!

Legislative Leaders for a Level Playing Field

Our Work

The bill

State legislators around the country are working to pass similar bills to create a national Agreement to Phase Out Corporate Giveaways. The compact would outlaw the worst form of corporate welfare: poaching an existing business in another state with taxpayer money. Under the bill, no state could offer taxpayer dollars to induce a facility in another state that has joined the agreement to move to the offering state.

The board

To overcome the prisoners dilemma of every state wanting to get out of the wasteful game of competing for jobs with taxpayer dollars but none wanting to unilaterally disarm their entire program, the agreement creates a Board of appointees from each state that will draft standard amendments to the compact for states to consider implementing for incremental improvements to phase out the giveaways over time.

The process

Legislators from both parties and around the country have come together to liberate their states from the endless cycle of subsidizing big companies at the expense of everyone else. This site is a resource to keep open lines of communication as bills move through their legislative processes in 2020.

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States with filed legislation

2021 session

2020 session

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